The benefits of Yoga

Welcome back to another blog from the team at Hair & Soul Wellness Hub!

Due to our Yoga classes kicking off a couple of weeks ago we thought now would be the perfect time to highlight several benefits of Yoga and how it can improve your everyday life!

  1. Yoga can improve your posture – through the practicing methods such as varied yoga asanas (word meaning posture/seat) there can be improvements with spinal alignment as people are more and more aware of their body and their spine position.
  2. Increase your self-esteem – learning something new and mastering that skill is a way you can feel more confident in yourself. In knowing the previous statement, you can then take your newfound confidence and apply it to other aspects of your life!
  3. Help build muscle strength – even though there is varied types of yoga (all the way from beginners to advanced), they all use muscles. Your muscles can be further enhanced by the longer you hold those tricky poses – so if you are ever in your last final seconds of a pose and struggling, remember it will all pay off!
  4. Works around your schedule– Whether you do our class or a 5-minute morning yoga YouTube video, yoga works around your busy life in a way that enhances the quality of it.
  5. Help to improve overall wellbeing – any low-impact exercise (not just yoga) has been linked to decreasing anxiety and stress through increasing chemicals such as endorphins. The more you practise these activities then the more you are activating these happy chemicals in your brain that result in improving your wellbeing
  6. Potentially a better sleep at night – Studies have also shown that the slow breathing that you learn and practice whist doing yoga can actually stimulate your vagus nerve. This nerve has a direct link to the part of the nervous system that controls rest and sleep. Thus, highlighting that there is potentially a link between yoga and improved quality of sleep.

As you can obviously see there is a dramatic connection between yoga and your quality of life. If you have any questions about our amazing yoga class then please click here to enquire and even book a session with our lovely team!

See you next week for another blog from HSWH x